D Wade World Tour shirt

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    D Wade World Tour shirt
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    But this guy clearly has his priorities wrong! And clearly isn’t fit to lead her majesty’s opposition with potentially being the D Wade World Tour shirt was ever any question about letting this man into power I hope this has now answered it  I think there needs to be a moment in time when we need to say we have had enough. At least you get a plate full of food instead of some funny mushroom on a platter with a few squiggly squirts of sauce only to get the squits. Food poisoning can be fatal as we see here I’m super progressive but this is ridiculous. She hasn’t even expressed remorse. Hope he knows what he has let himself in for. She must not mix with young folk. She must be kept safe from all those who would hurt her. And he better watches his head!

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    Here we go get on the bandwagon your about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Keep quiet listen to the people as all politicians should do. Everyone has the D Wade World Tour shirt to a fair trial, and her newborn baby has done nothing wrong. Send him over there to look after her if he’s that bloody concerned. Tell him to explain the reason why to all the families that lost someone due to an isis bomber. Isn’t it better for her to return to the UK so she can be questioned about what she knows and investigated? I’d rather have her here where she can be monitored than to have her whereabouts unknown. The whole point of international law is that a country doesn’t get to pick and choose.

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    We are signed up to a convention that states you can’t make someone stateless by stripping them of their citizenship. Why is that so hard to understand? Between this and the D Wade World Tour shirt is going around Brexit, I will no longer be voting for labor this man is an absolute joke I use to like him but far from it now. I have been a life long labor supporter, everything they used to stand for I believed in. But I just cannot back this man.

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