Dachshund Mom shirt

Dachshund Mom shirt

We have had 10 different Doxies over the years, and our whole family loves them. They are very smart, and know how to get what they want. Crusoe is so adorable, and I love all of his Dachshund Mom shirt. Please keep making the videos, I love seeing them. Hey Cruise!

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Dachshund Mom shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Dachshund Mom youth tee
Youth tee
Dachshund Mom Ladies tee
Ladies tee

I have a huge crush on you! My name is Abby and I live in Ft Worth, Texas area. If you are ever this way I would love to come meet you and have a snack together! I grew up with the Dachshund Mom shirt. My last one Boo was super smart and very special. She would talk to me and tell me what she wanted.

Dachshund Mom hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Dachshund Mom sweater
Dachshund Mom hoodie

I remind people they may be small but they are not foo foo dogs, they are hound dogs. He is so precious!! We have 6 Weiner dogs and LOVE everyone of them. Each is different and an individual personality. Life is great with Dachshund Mom shirt! Keep up making people smile, Crusoe!

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