But Did You Die Heifer Shirt

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    But Did You Die Heifer Shirt
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    The But Did You Die Heifer Shirt have come in years ago. I’ve always been an organ donor, I’m not going to need any part of me when I’m dead. Saving multiple lives is more important. I think every country should have this law, because its almost maddening to see how there are people who urgently need organs and across the street we just bury these perfectly fine organs just because we believe that you cannot enter an imaginary fantasy realm led by an invisible bearded men in toga unless you have both kidneys. While I have no problem being an organ donor I know some elderly who would become extremely stressed if they or an ill loved one were honored.

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    It’s a matter of personal choice. Should have been done years ago. No one actually enjoys discussing this or thinking about it on behalf of loved ones and children. Would make it all so much easier. I’m so glad we have adopted this finally. Well overdue, hopefully, many more lives will be saved. It’s important to discuss your wishes with those closest to you if you do wish to donate. As I see in some of the comments, it doesn’t matter if you carry a card at the But Did You Die Heifer Shirt as your family can override your wishes.

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    Now they won’t have a choice, all this law has done is to reverse the way you can/can’t donate, if you don’t want to just opt out, it stops the family robbing of your choice. All I can think about is the poor kids in this picture, the little girl died not knowing what was going to happen to her, and the boy looks so frail and pale. Why they had to use them for the But Did You Die Heifer Shirt of this article and to name the law? it upsets me and doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

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