Disney pineapple shirt

Disney pineapple shirt

Driving texters almost crashed my car and other cars, and one woman was so into her texting that she almost took three cars out and didn’t care. No we already have distracted driving laws that cover this Disney pineapple shirt, and those that are unsafe texting.

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Disney pineapple shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Disney pineapple youth tee
Youth tee
Disney pineapple Ladies tee
Ladies tee

While driving are just as unsafe with or without their phone in their hand not to mention with today’s talk to text features it’s no more distracting than someone answering a call on Bluetooth. Yes, every time I see someone texting I get right up beside them and lay on the Disney pineapple shirt.

Disney pineapple hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Disney pineapple hoodie
Disney pineapple sweater

Pisses me off when they are doing 45 on the freeway in the left lane and completely oblivious to what is going on around them. Watch one guy get rear ended at a red light. The soccer mom that hit him was doing 50 didn’t even touch her Disney pineapple shirt.

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