I don’t kneel American flag shirt

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    I don’t kneel American flag shirt
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    If your as sick and tired as I am over these million dollar football players taking knees while the national anthem is being played than buy this shirt it’s a “I don’t Kneel” shirt and it shows you are done with this crap! One of the blessings of being an I don’t kneel American flag shirt is the freedom of speech, dissent, and protest. Throughout time various groups have used such as powerful tools to bring about both awareness and change. There is a way to accomplish change, but equally a way to broaden the divide. Oddly enough, recent NFL kneel-downs to the American flag and national anthem protest the very symbols that give us the right to protest at all.

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    I don't kneel American flag youth shirt

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    I don’t kneel American flag shirt, tank top and youth tee

    I love our flag. I support our military I don’t kneel American flag shirt but I’m guilty of doing more than a few of these myself. How about you Apparently, pretty much ALL of us disrespect our flag on a regular basis. IF it is disrespectful, at least the players (and others) kneeling are doing it for a real reason. The rest of us just do it to hold our hot dogs at a BBQ or because we like to wear “patriotic” swim trunks on the Fourth of July.

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    My favorite shirtI have ever made! As an American and human being , I will always stand for the flag and kneel for the cross. We thank all of our service men and woman that have fought for our country to allow us the freedoms we have. We will respect these heroes and our country. Shame on those who don’t. I want to giveaway some of these shirts for FREE! Comment below if you are interested in receiving this shirt.

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