Dope Autism mom shirt

Dope Autism mom v-neck t-shirt

My special needs mommas are beautiful queens, inside & out!  This momma proudly wore her Dope Autism mom shirt to pick up her son from school! MOOTHERHOOD a gift that strengthens a mothers heart; nothing can hinder her unconditional love!  Mothers of special needs children face so many unthinkable challenges that typical parents do not and yet we still rise and remain ‘dope’…So much love for this mama and her son!

Dope Autism mom shirt, tank top and youth tee

Dope Autism mom tank top
tank top
Dope Autism mom youth shirt
youth shirt

Dope Autism mom shirt, hoodie and sweater

Super excited receiving your orders for the ‘Dope Autism mom shirt I seriously have some amazing souls in my special needs momma family These two amazing kiddos are the reason why I’m so ‘dope’ it’s because of them that this clothing brand…my dream career manifested into reality! I’ve reached a crossroad 4 years ago to either struggle or be happy and content doing what I love .

Dope Autism mom hoodie
Dope Autism mom sweat shirt
sweat shirt

I was working a full time, 9-5 as an Employment Coordinator, finding jobs for special needs adults; working nights at a chocolate store and working weekends as a PCA to an Autistic thirteen year old boy- on top of raising Malik and a newborn baby girl… I decided to quit it all (accept for the kids of course )! Enough was enough, I stepped out on faith and finally decided to combine my interest in fashion with my passion for working with special needs children! I’m not looking back, my new path is far more exciting and rewarding I want to live everyday with a burning desire to make families lives better through fashion!.

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