Doxicorn shirt

Doxicorn shirt

Thanks for the great story! My Doxicorn shirt, 13yrs old, and I were in ER until almost midnight last night because at school she got a wood splinter from the bleachers jammed under her nail and it went too deep. She received 2 of the numbing shots and her nail cutback and lifted to get it out.

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Doxicorn shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Doxicorn Ladies tee
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Youth tee

She was a bit hysterical, couldn’t breathe, shaking and crying because she doesn’t do well with pain or needles. Her face when she got the shots! obviously it was the Doxicorn shirt. She going to love watching you tell your story and it being so relatable to her. When my daughter was about 7 she fell head first into a metal slide splitting her forehead wide open.

Doxicorn hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

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We rush her to Emergancy room they tell me they are full up to take her across the street to walk in clinic yup I’m not kidding. I tell the receptionist can you tell my mom when she comes in she has my 2 year with her she went to park the car .so I rush her over to the clinic. I Sit there with her as they told us to wait as her heart pumped blood is pumping out of her forehead. I go to counter and demand they look at her Doxicorn shirt.

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