It’s every day bro shirt

It's every day bro shirt

So a month ago I posted up this video about reaching 100 likes! Was stoked as at the time I remember I did a competition to win any t-shirt in our range to “celebrate” and only one person entered and guess what. He always wanted to wear his El Drifte shirt in public. He took me to make matching, custom El Drifte hats just in case we got on tv at a big poker tournament we played in. He came to It’s every day bro shirt show, without fail, even when he was going through punishing rounds of chemo therapy. He supported and championed El Drifte, and my dream to make music, as if it was his own dream. He was the best friend a person could ever have! He was my brother!

It’s every day bro shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

It's every day bro hoodie
It's every day bro tank top
tank top
It's every day bro v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Cool It’s every day bro shirt

I remember those days I never wanted to go to redeem church, but anytime I think about Edith Obi I will be encouraged to put on my shirt and head straight to church. It’s the holy spirit that leads me oh not just her Beauty oh. Happy Birthday my one time It’s every day bro shirt crush I love taking my kids back to the old school days I grew up in. The car club scene. Beautiful old cars and trucks, bbqing, car clubs, family, old school music and hanging out in the So Cal Sun. This is what life is all about family. That’s what growing up as a car club kid made me realize. So yo all was going well until this little boy named tommy started coming to the pool! His family was staying at the hotel for the week right and his mom too him down there like It’s every day bro shirt second this little kid loves to look at the water right!.

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