Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt

Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt

I couldn’t resist creating this Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt version of Dr. Krauss after I heard him make this statement during a speech Greg Graffin from the punk band Bad Religion has lectured on science at Cornell and says he was drawn to a similar theme of challenging authority in punk rock and in science. He says that science and punk naturally meshed together for him, which has also been my experience That’s why when I was in school a couple years ago I started Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt Rock Scientist, because I wanted to create t-shirt designs that meshed together science with a rock n’ roll style, something I wasn’t really seeing anyone else doing. I wanted to promote the idea that science isn’t lame or boring, it’s badass In science you don’t have to accept something just because a pope or a politician or a famous person says it’s true. The truth is in the evidence, and it’s always being updated and refined. It isn’t just a collection of facts you have to accept without question. It isn’t cooked up by a secret club of insiders with some sinister plan.

Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Facts are the new Punk Rock hoodie
Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt
Facts are the new Punk Rock v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Offcial Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt

Anyone can learn about science and explore it if they want to. And I think everyone should, because it’s not just super important – it’s cool, it’s amazing, there’s always something new to discover! Many scientists throughout history challenged authorities and faced ridicule in order to move us forward as a species. We still have to keep fighting against the rampant misinformation and misunderstandings that are holding us back from realizing our collective potential. I love science, and I love the Facts are the new Punk Rock shirt rock ethos and style. I enjoy meshing them together in my life, and I hope you enjoy the meme Having shaken off the last of the kids from my neighborhood who were my age, I learned that all I had to do was agree to babysit my nieces and nephews on the weekends and then I could trip along the metro bus lifeline to Emerald City.

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