Flamenco shirt

Flamenco shirt

Some captain wandering down Canal Street with a combover and a Flamenco shirt. What’s that? You had a nervous breakdown at 42 and decided to become a latino dancer? Noone cares, sweetheart, get your crisis out of my face!Going to be selling this wonderful Party Skirt and Silk Flamenco shirt! Nothing says Party like Purple! Hope to see lots of people there! Wookiedesigns! Also bringing tons of Beads, trims, Vintage fabrics and falls!!! Everything you need to make that perfect costume or that perfect ball gown!! Babe, your wall is such a lezfest. Invite some people over, K? I’ve got a Flamenco shirt and a pair of spandex to break in. (P.S. have you noticed ‘Flamenco’ has flame, men, amen, and co. all rolled into one delightfully red word? [P.P.S. please ignore that it also has ‘lame’ in there.

Flamenco shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Flamenco hoodie
Flamenco tank top
tank top
Flamenco v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offical Flamenco shirt

Hi Mozaicos. We are ordering group t-shirt, 3/4 sleeves for women and t-shirt, long sleeve for men. I talked to the guys yesterday and they want a black or gunmetal grey shirt with white logo that says “We do it on the CONTRA”. I’m taking orders and votes for women and Elvira Flamenco shirt is coordinating. We have two possible captions: 1) “We do it in Compas” or 2) “We do it on the Contra”. In the past we have had yellow, red, turquoise/pink, red/yellow. Asking for opinions on what colour but the boys want white. I think we could go with yellow or turquoise or hot pink. Let me know, we can only get one colour to be efficient. All people that ordered AMFDA t-shirts, please send email transfer asap. Also, for those that missed out on the emails, I ordered some extras for people to buy late. Women: 2 small, 4 medium, 4 large and 2 Xlarge can be purchased $28, first come first served. Thank you for awesome interest in the skookum shirts by Elvira Yebes. We are receiving them around Aug 1.

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