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    Kids these days are the worst. Yesterday my Flamingo Love Wine shirt and I went to adventure island and some dumb little high schooler thought it was hilarious to smack one of the lifeguards butt right before going down the slide. I don’t care what you say but that’s disrespectful.

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    Flamingo Love Wine youth tee

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    I am a father of a little Flamingo Love Wine shirt and I would hate for my little girl to be treated like that. Time to teach these kids some respect because we are currently living in an era where teenagers thing the world owes them something.

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    Yes steve, I meant boys have no respect for women. im sure thats more of a concern for this man since he has a young daughter. Its a concern for me too. I have 2 daughters. Withouth their mother in the Flamingo Love Wine shirt. But girl these days dont have self respect and thats important too.

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