Floaty potato sunset shirt

  • Floaty potato sunset shirt
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    I don’t think you’re a floaty potato but I do know you enjoy marine life in general. I don’t know what a floaty potato is but if there is such a thing you’re definitely it. I saw this Floaty potato sunset shirt and thought of Aunty Velma because she can literally just sit in water and float and here I am drowning. Manatees were reported by Christopher Columbus and other explorers to the New World to be Mermaids because they had breasts and suckled their young.

    Floaty potato sunset shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

    Floaty potato sunset Ladies


    Floaty potato sunset Sweater


    There are no earlier historical references to Floaty Potatoes when you text my sister off my phone saying I was sad that you left and she replied telling me to draw a Floaty potato sunset shirt on a potato. I keep seeing this over and over again and it’s taken everything in my power not to tag you before now, but I can longer refuse you aren’t a floaty potato, but it had the word potato and it made me think of you because, potatoes.

    Floaty potato sunset Sweater


    Floaty potato sunset Tank top

    Tank top

    Let’s just stare at floating potatoes. I woke up and found a Floaty potato sunset shirt fork in the bathroom? No these are floaty potatoes please stop trying to confuse people.

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