Official Goku Adidas Shirt (New Design)

Official Goku Adidas Shirt (New Design)

Would you like to wear this Goku Adidas Shirt. If Yes,Click to Get yours now.  So many new design at this Store. Click on red button to buy it now! So now, everybody Dragon Ball fans huh? If you wasn’t wearing them Hawaiian button up shirts with Goku on em.. you kno, the ones you could get from the kiosk.. you not a dragon ball fan.

Official Goku Adidas Shirt and tank top

Official Goku Adidas V-neck t-shirt
Goku Adidas V-neck t-shirt
Official Goku Adidas Tank top (New Design)
Official Goku Adidas Tank top (New Design)

What’s going fam just so you all know shirts are now available to purchase! All you gotta do is hit me up on that shirt. And stay bless much love to you all. Currently only shipping within the Goku Adidas Shirt.

Official Goku Adidas hoodie, long sleeve and sweater

Official Goku Adidas Hoodie (New Design)
Official Goku Adidas SweatShirt (New Design)

I play dragon ball z still, I watch it, I love the game. gotta goku shirt on now. But I’m cool though. So a dude wearing shirt goku wears in Dragon ball series holds the door open for my wife and I. I said thanks Kakarot and he had ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE to the Goku Adidas Shirt. I wanted to snatch the shirt off and be like you don’t deserve to wear this shirt.

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