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    Well said sir- I’m completely in the same boat as you. There’s no emotional impact to death anymore when you simply just bring the character back. Death loses all its power in the Hairstylist strong woman shirt. Yondu’s death had that perfect punch to the heart that will last.

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    Because of how far he came in his noble sacrifice and what it meant to Peter in realizing he had a father who loved him all along. Setting aside the whole Groot thing, I do agree on the dHairstylist strong woman shirt. His death had weight and undoing that would not be kosher.

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    I feel like death has become a cheap, easy way to try and keep people invested in any form of entertainment. There are many more ways to shake things up the villain wins, a marriage, etc. Death shouldn’t always be the go to. And if you do a death, give it weight. Make sure it’s for a good Hairstylist strong woman shirt.

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