This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt

This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt

You crack me up. The Facebook post made it sound like you were totally blitzed. Then I read and started laughing. Thanks for bringing so much fun into my This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt. Off subject, really love Stitch, but miss Tony. Where is he now and how is he doing? I have ehlers danlos syndrome, hypermobility type, this is a daily thing.

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This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching youth tee
Youth tee
This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching Ladies tee
Ladies tee

You learn to shove it back yourself would be bloody horrible for This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt. Made me cringe still though so much, thanks for sharing, such a beautifully gorgeous lady. Next time have afew more wines and get the missus to crack it back in for you, it’s a bonding time experience.

This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching hoodie
This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching sweater

Hubby did my knee the other night and has given up on my This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt. Our broadcast in Philadelphia interrupted by another politician corruption scandal. They couldn’t wait till 4 p.m. when their News starts. So now we’re missing half of your show and you’re staff is supposed to be coming to Philadelphia tomorrow. So sick of all this political BS!

10 thoughts on “This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt

  1. Sandra Burry says:

    Love love those Hallmark movies. always end with hugs & kisses! The world needs this!

  2. David Colotti says:

    Just want to make something very clear-When i saw this shirt I posted it for my two friends that have been talking a lot about the upcoming Christmas shows on the Hallmark Channel- I personally do NOT watch the hallmark Channel!

  3. Cheryl Nolte says:

    I worked for Hallmark almost 17 years! I LOVE all the movies and like the shirt and mug. Too bad the shirt is white though. Do they need to be ordered online or are they in Hallmark stores?

  4. Mary Saar says:

    Hallmark Christmas movies are great. They all have the same plot, music, and perfect, never dirty, movie snow. Every house and town is decorated to perfection. Every person bakes fabulous cookies and desserts and has endless time to devote to this. The girl always dumps the wrong guy and ends up with the right guy.
    No violence.

  5. Helen Romano Murray says:

    Ok, Girls, time for brain numbing but relaxing movies! Saw one already and this time, the guy gave up his fantastic job for the girl! So, they’re shaking it up some

  6. Judy Wright says:

    I love Hallmark movies, but couldn’t understand why they choose to have Chelsea Clinton on to spout her political views. I go to this channel to get away from all of the political garbage. Stick to your movies and home decorating and please stay out of the political arena.

    • Matt Taylor says:

      I can’t watch Hallmark channel because every single show is predictable! There’s always a romantic love relationship of some sort, then there is the part where one of the lovebirds has to leave due to their job or a disagreement has occurred between the lovebirds, then in the end everything magically works out, they realize they truly love each other and get to be with each other again! Too sappy for me! I avoid watching Hallmark during the holidays, but if Hallmark Channel brings joy to you, I am Happy for you! ?

    • Vincent Bondietti says:

      A Hallmark Christmas movie….Title….Another Hallmark Christmas movie…Plot…She loses her job near the holidays….storyline…boyfriend breaks up with her….somehow meets a prince from another country.but she doesn’t know and he doesn’t want her to know..his mom doesn’t like her…he sees an awkward moment when she and her old boyfriend hug but he is now engaged…she and the prince figure it out and she winds up Queen of East bolognia and live happily ever after with a Christmas wedding…and mom loves her…the end….just sayin but to each his own…MERRY CHRISTMAS ???and enjoy your movies ?

  7. Jim Jones says:

    Hallmark used to have the greatest movies. They taught lessons on love, family, patriotism, service to church and country, heartrending moral issues, but now its just one Harlequin romance after another. Five minutes into one now and the ending is so predictable…

  8. Helen Ross says:

    getting tired of the onslaught of two months of these movies. There are a few good ones but Hallmark just rehashes them year after year with new names. Same for mos of their movies. BUT yes, there are a few that are really good. Like Fallen Angel with Gary Sinise and The Christmas Card…. Since I’ve discontinued my watching the NFL, I’ve elected to do other things one of which includes watching Hallmark movies with my wife. Most of them have a great story line and are fun to watch with my beloved bride of 14 years, Shaun. Just when I thought our marriage could not get stronger, our time watching these movies together have made me realize the importance of staying connected. I think sometimes we lose that in our marriages and watching these has played a part in improving our relationship. Thanks Hallmark and yes I see an order for two sweatshirts in the near future.

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