Happy pills cat shirt

Happy pills cat shirt

I watched Nanette last night, after seeing this Happy pills cat shirt, and I loved it. One thing really struck a chord with me, as someone who has depression and insomnia when you said ‘I identify as tired’ and I thought YES!! Me too! Sometimes I look at a celebrity and think ‘I wish this person was my friend’.

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Happy pills cat shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Happy pills cat youth tee
Youth tee
Happy pills cat Ladies tee
Ladies tee

you are definitely one of those people I wish I knew. I wish I had a degree in art or music history or a degree in anything. Maybe its time to make it happen even now in my Happy pills cat shirt now that the kids are grown and I don’t have to self sacrifice any longer.

Happy pills cat hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Happy pills cat hoodie
Happy pills cat sweater

You are so blessed, Hannah Gadsby that you found the bravery and strength to share your story and not let experiences define who you are. “Nanette” is not only an inspiration. It has helped renew an ounce of hope for my own possible healing. Some days still my own Happy pills cat shirt.

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