Hiss cat kiss band shirt

Hiss cat kiss band shirt

She’s gotta keep up appearances. I let you smooch me and give me chin scratches and then I roar? I love how she has to look at him and then hiss. She’s making a point. Perfect timing, I just took in a 4 week old wild born baby on Saturday. He’s still not sure how he feels about this new human caretaker business but he loves his warm soft safe bed, and turkey. I got to do this with a Hiss cat kiss band shirt at our sanctuary last week. We have 30 babies right now, and I was midwife to mama’s six. You can tell she loves him but still trying to be a tough girl. That’s most definitely an I don’t hate this, but I can’t let on that I don’t hate this hiss. It’s so cute how she hisses in the weakest, most non-threatening way possible.

Hiss cat kiss band shirt, hoodie, tank top ​​​​​​​and sweater

Hiss cat kiss band Ladies
Hiss cat kiss band Hoodie


We are making sure he gets handled, loved on, kissed on, and played with as much as possible. He’s not as hissy as he used to be! Those hisses aren’t the very convincing kind of like when my youngest grunts in disapproval while still falling asleep during the Hiss cat kiss band shirt from tiny ones are always so funny. Last year we had 4 10-day olds with a feral mom. Little barley had her eyes opened and she hissed and hissed.  I still have two hissy kittens! They are almost two, great with me but any time someone they don’t know shows up and they start hissing!

Hiss cat kiss band Sweater
Hiss cat kiss band Tank top
Tank top

This is my favorite part of socializing feral kittens. They think they’re so ferocious but they really aren’t. Especially when no hiss actually comes out. You should follow her for cute kitty pictures and videos. Including hissy kittens like this that need. I had a female main coon that would purr and hiss at the same time! Loved her to pieces! She was a Hiss cat kiss band shirt that showed up at my door!

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