Jenny of Oldstones shirt

Jenny of Oldstones shirt

Getting my second set of next week. Had whooping cough as an adult not pleasant. All my kids have had every jag going and one of them had severe autism!! before getting he still hots his jabs. Some complications of measles include; Brain infection, eye and ear infections, respiratory infections including pneumonia, seizures caused by high temperature, hepatitis, permanent squint caused by damage of the optic nerves, stroke, etc. Anyone who wants to see how many kids died only has to do their family tree. The parents who are not vaccinating need to be told of the Jenny of Oldstones shirt to a tgeir child if they catch measles.

Jenny of Oldstones shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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There are many things it can cause depending on the severity. If they had been born in the 50s they would jump at the chance of the vaccine. Back before vaccines (This content belongs to myFrogTee), kids were dying all the Jenny of Oldstones shirt as babies/youngsters. Even my own great grandfather died from after-effects from having scarlet fever and He was 41. There is an autism epidemic in this country.

Jenny of Oldstones Sweater
Jenny of Oldstones Tank top
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I personally don’t think it’s related to vaccines but something is causing it and I understand why people are worried. If you survived these things you may well have died later on from the complications it caused. Quite often I have to pause to take in just how many children were dying. They had a Jenny of Oldstones shirt of kids but a hell of a lot didn’t make it to adulthood. Very sad that people have forgotten how dangerous all these diseases are.

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