I just can’t shirt

I just can’t shirt

Well done Roger. I am a fan of roger, rafa, nole, murray. All of these players and indeed any professional player have achieved what i would have loved to have done in my I just can’t shirt. Whoever your favourite player is you should at least respect rogers, and all the other top players achievements.

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I just can’t shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

I just can’t youth tee
Youth tee
I just can’t Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Its very easy to ‘assess their achievements’ watching on the tv as an amateur player. This is a great I just can’t shirt, irrespective of who was or wasn’t around at whatever time he won a particular title. Well done roger! Seeing him reclaiming No.1 after a very long time is such an inspiration.

I just can’t hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

I just can’t sweater
I just can’t hoodie

You may struggle, fall, laughed at and called ‘has been’ but if you try hard enough, forget the nay sayers, re-focus and push through you will again stand up and stand tall. Kudos to you Maestro. I dont care about the debate of whos GOAT or whatever- you’re my I just can’t shirt! Keep it up and stay focused.

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