Ken & Mary Skyline shirt

Ken & Mary Skyline shirt

Ken and Mary Tree is a tree that Nissan was used in a car commercial that SKYLINE in the 1970s. It is a tree of the poplar, but very large. Lover of Ken and Mary was the CM settings that travel to Japan aboard the SKYLINE.The GTR version of the Kenmeri would be considered one of the rarest among the skyline GTRs because it was only produced from late 1972 – March 1973 with only 197 units produced and sold in Japan alone. The Kenmeri was killed because of a global oil crisis during those hard times. Thinking about it, it’s funny how gas guzzlers and high performance cars were frowned upon during that time, sounds like something that we are experiencing right now: it’s all about miles per gallon, hybrid, biodiesel, blah blah blah.

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Ken & Mary Skyline v-neck t-shirt
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