Let’s start a cult shirt

Let’s start a cult shirt

Are they sure the 2-year old is hers and not one of the Let’s start a cult shirt? Most women don’t have babies at 47 years of age. Every state should have a death penalty for crimes like these. I hope the children are surrounded by love, care and genuine feelings from now on something their so-called parents couldn’t give.

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Let’s start a cult shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Let’s start a cult Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Let’s start a cult youth tee
Youth tee

I still can’t comprehend this monstrosity and deviation. So the son went to college. I wonder if the parents thought somehow that their behavior was not going to catch up with Let’s start a cult shirt. They took the kids to Disney, “only” had three shackled, I know only isn’t the best word for it.

Let’s start a cult hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Let’s start a cult sweater
Let’s start a cult hoodie

Maybe the parents came from families where abuse and neglect were the Let’s start a cult shirt. Otherwise, why would they take such risks? Fearing that’s their next ordeal. Hopefully someone or several someone’s who are ethical and genuine will step forward to help them Otherwise the media, greed and voyeuristic interest ane going to further alienate and abuse them.

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