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    It’s fun not being able to read the captions due to a secondary caption informing me that there is in fact upbeat accordion music playing. Such a beautiful story and thank you to this amazing Mexican woman who opened her heart to the LGBT Mamasaurus rex shirt people when they needed it!

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    LGBT Mamasaurus rex shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

    LGBT Mamasaurus rex youth tee

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    Ladies tee

    How beautiful just making someone happy by eating a dish that remind them of grandma or mom makes me believe that LGBT Mamasaurus rex shirt. I wish FB would delete some of you sorry ass, crazy, and HATEFUL people off of here. How can you be nasty after watching this?! It should inspire you to be kind.

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    LGBT Mamasaurus rex hoodie


    LGBT Mamasaurus rex sweater


    She could of stayed there and helped her own LGBT Mamasaurus rex shirt. No one ever talks about that. This country wasn’t the greatest in the beginning it took time and people willing to make it happen. People starved, died because of weather and health issues. They didn’t walk in and the American dream was there. If we didn’t offer any entitlements they wouldn’t come.

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