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    Its probably because you can never find good Love yourself monkey shirt, you either have to park like three blocks away or circle the block for 30 mins or so, he was just over it. Or the driver was drunk. I hope the victims have full coverage insurance or else this is gonna be a nightmare.

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    I’ve been involved in multi-vehicle accident and the suspect’s insurance must be divided to all the victims. Too bad I only had liability insurance. This has happened to my both husband and my Love yourself monkey shirt, in two different parts of town, within 3yrs.

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    The drivers fled during both instances, one successfully, one was caught & arrested. It was awful! That Love yourself monkey shirt was out of Control! 8 innocent cars were hit! Notice that there were not any Trucks hit ! I’m starting to sense some type of Prejudices here towards all of the other innocent vehicles that were just parked not harming anyone!

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