Malt Whiskey shirt

Malt Whiskey shirt

Yeah, they have to earn it like Dana here. How did she do that again? Oh, yeah she fell out of her mom’s vag on the right side of the fence. That was some hard work there, Dana. You do realize that you can’t become a citizen right of the Malt Whiskey shirt.

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Malt Whiskey shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Malt Whiskey youth tee
Youth tee
Malt Whiskey Ladies tee
Ladies tee

It takes over a decade to be living in the Malt Whiskey shirt before you can even apply for citizenship. At least educate yourself on the issue before making such ignorant statements. Honduran just lost their status after being here for over 20yr because the program they were under offered no path to citizen at all.

Malt Whiskey hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Malt Whiskey hoodie
Malt Whiskey sweater

My husband has been here since he was 8 waited over 25 yrs for a green card. I been here for 23 and only have daca with no path to citizenship for now. No Latinos get free rides they work for it all. The majority getting free rides like welfare are your Malt Whiskey shirt.

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