Mamasaurus sunflower shirt

Mamasaurus sunflower shirt

If there is a law that specifically outlaws texting while driving then perhaps more people will obey it. “Distracted driving” is too vague a term that nobody seems to tatke seriously. Arizona already has laws against distracted driving. It is a waste of time and money to even be discussing this in the legislature because the Mamasaurus sunflower shirt.

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Mamasaurus sunflower shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Mamasaurus sunflower youth tee
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I just think we should all use common sense because texting and driving is like drinking and driving you are definitely preoccupied and not alert. Police need to start pulling people over on this texting and talking without hands free and given a Hefty fine. People in Arizona are out of control on this Mamasaurus sunflower shirt.

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Mamasaurus sunflower sweater

It won’t stop everyone from texting but maybe it might stop one death it’s worth it. I think the police will really have to zoom in and inforce it 100% in the beginning to make people learn the law. I hope everyone will learn not to text and talk on phone while driving like in the Mamasaurus sunflower shirt. In those states they still talk on the phone using hands free

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