Meleshirt – Hermione Wingardium Leviosa Swish and Flick shirt

We weren't sisters by birth but we to be sisters by heart s Ladies Tee

We’re obviously evaluating how to showcase men’s and women’s collections together in September and what will be the Hermione Wingardium Leviosa Swish and Flick shirt Also,I will get this best way to do it. I’ve always been very pragmatic in my approach to fashion shows. I’ve been showing collections for 20 years in my Armani Teatro, and before that in my space in Via Borgonuovo, not to waste resources elsewhere. I have an internal team working on casting and production—my sets are never too theatrical. I always use the same team for hair and makeup—I honestly don’t think I can be more local than that! I’ve always thought that the excessive need of showing an overwhelming amount of collections and special capsules is responding more to a strong need coming from the system rather than addressing a real consumer request. Stores have been saturated with too much merchandise. We have all to learn from this terrible experience: Do not waste, save resources, make more and better with less. I myself want to put this concept at the core of my business model.

Hermione Wingardium Leviosa Swish and Flick shirt

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