Merry christmas in July shirt

Merry christmas in July shirt

Merry Christmas, ya’ll! Yes I know it is hotter than blue blazes but my friends are having a Merry christmas in July shirt and I have a new holiday shirt to wear! You know how much I love Elf and now I have his shirt! Gotta get started making my pumpkin chiffon pie Merry christmas in July shirt! Celebrate with a sale at On Island! Our shirts are marked down 15-30%, so visit our shop at 630 Tarpon Bay Road at the end of Periwinkle Way on Sanibel. Hope to see you! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I’m in my 4th July night shirt and Sadie is singing God Bless America, so all we need is an Easter Song and we will have it covered!!! Lol. On a serious note, may all of you have the Best Christmas Ever and Remember Christ is the reason for All Seasons.

Merry christmas in July shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Merry christmas in July hoodie
Merry christmas in July ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Merry christmas in July tank top
tank top
Merry christmas in July v--neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial Merry christmas in July shirt

That last one is gonna be tough because in my trip from my house, to McD’s, to work- all 15 minutes of it- all this happened. I hit a huge pot hole and probably broke my car. I was singing my heart out when I pulled up to the window to pay for my Sweet Tea and biscuit and the lady said- “What are you screeching about?” (In her defense- I was belting out the Jennifer Nettles ballad and Merry christmas in July shirt well, yeah- it was screeching when it comes out of my mouth! ) When I got to the next window- they ruined my day by filling my tea with full ice when I asked for light ice, so now I only got a few gulps-(probably to pay me back for the screeching). I was almost to work when I came up over the hill and there was a possum in pieces with his insides all over the road…and I started violently gagging which then led to promptly puking up the biscuit I had eaten right in to my empty work mug.

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