The Mighty Nein shirt

The Mighty Nein shirt

That’s bc those aren’t legal ways to citizenship. And I know for a fact you need to be in the country as an LPR and green card holder for a certain amount of year bc I work with such cases all the time. Hell it took me and my The Mighty Nein shirt to go from refugees to green card to citizenship.

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The Mighty Nein youth tee
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If you want citizenship or a path to it, you can get off DACA or TPS and apply to become a LPR. USCIS has many ways for you to become a LPR. And to go back to what you said, the amount of time you’ve spent in the country legally does affect when you get The Mighty Nein shirt.

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If you legally come into the US and become a LPR it takes about 10 years to become eligible for citizenship. You say ir like becoming citizen is like getting a The Mighty Nein shirt, the reason why many immigrants have no documents let alone citizenship is because the laws don’t allow them to become one.

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