Muppet Science shirt

Muppet Science shirt

God bless this Muppet Science shirt. She found a way to pick up Haitians spirits in time of need. She saw past nationality and skin color. Race a some very few Mexicans can see past. I’m so proud of her for going against the grain. I really wish the way to connect to these great people was listed when doing this.

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Muppet Science shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Muppet Science youth tee
Youth tee
Muppet Science Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Set up a go-fund me, where they have access, the persons name number, address, ect so continued support can come in. Too bad hateful America needs some compassion! So ashamed to be an American, and no wonder people around the world hate our Muppet Science shirt!

Muppet Science hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Muppet Science hoodie
Muppet Science sweater

Well, show some values because you are perfect and return money that “illegals” paid on Medicare and Social security and any other taxes because they will not get it back how about that Muppet Science shirt? They are wrong but you must do right then otherwise doble morality.

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