Musician Teacher: Taking notes shirt

Musician Teacher Taking notes shirt

Whether you believe in the justice system as it is, or the old “backwoods” vigilante way. These inhuman monster deserve whatever punishment comes there way. I can see this played out in so many different scenarios-a quick death, to a long drawn out trial with a Musician Teacher: Taking notes shirt.

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Musician Teacher: Taking notes shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Musician Teacher Taking notes Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Musician Teacher Taking notes youth tee
Youth tee

This is a CA case, and California does not have a death penalty, obviously, since good ‘ol Charlie Manson recently died a ripe old man in jail instead of being executed decades ago. So I expect these people too will be housed in prison for life, and with Musician Teacher: Taking notes shirt.

Musician Teacher: Taking notes hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Musician Teacher Taking notes sweater
Musician Teacher Taking notes hoodie

Will be given their just desserts by every depraved prison inmate they live with. Why didn’t all of you “powerhouses ” men and women put a stop to this nonsense many years ago? Yes, the forward correction is needed but I feel it’s only to save your Musician Teacher: Taking notes shirt and isn’t coming from the right place in your hearts. Just my opinion

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