Nanatude Defintion shirt

Nanatude Defintion shirt

Remembering the heroes from Edson’s Raiders. Though their numbers are dwindling they shall never be forgotten. Ann Hopkins please send us a message at Edson’s Raiders First Raiders Battalion Facebook group so we can add his name to our ever growing list. As one of the plank owners for MARSOC and the Nanatude Defintion shirt.

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Nanatude Defintion shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Nanatude Defintion youth tee
Youth tee
Nanatude Defintion Ladies tee
Ladies tee

I have to say I did not realize it has been almost 10 years. A couple of buddies from my team are still there and those guys are doing some outstanding work, and those raiders from WWIl, those guys will always be a step better than the rest, and it was an honor to follow in their footsteps and be a part of their legacy while creating our Nanatude Defintion shirt.

Nanatude Defintion hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Nanatude Defintion hoodie
Nanatude Defintion sweater

I trained I camp Hardy Okinawa an Army camp for special forces only 7 marines were there with 4 or 5 Green Berets it was Ranger school I’ve always wondered if I did enough to earn a ranger patch in Nam I was with 27th marines we got no replacements we were down to 3 men patrols in my Nanatude Defintion shirt. So most of our job was snooping n pooping lol

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