Natural Habitat shirt

Natural Habitat shirt

In those days unmarried mothers had to do what their parents decided if they were under 21.Nothing to do with the church in most cases just people not wanting the shame that illegitimacy bought. For some reason, every religion promotes the idea that women are to be punished for having sex. Women are prisoners of their biology from the menarche to the Natural Habitat shirt.

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Natural Habitat shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Natural Habitat Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Natural Habitat youth tee
Youth tee

I have a relative was forced to relinquish her baby in April of 1962. Her pregnancy brought shame and ridicule to all of us, i was even asked at age 11 if I could show the boys how to “do it” because my relative was so good at “it”; never mind that she was only 15 and the person who got her pregnant was in his Natural Habitat shirt.

Natural Habitat hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Natural Habitat sweater
Natural Habitat hoodie

Fortunately we moved before that suggestion became a fact. The anti choice groups all think that they have a right to put women through this Natural Habitat shirt, they use the adoption option as an excuse to deny her an abortion, but they never offer any kind of support to her whether she has the baby and keeps it, or gives it up for adoption.

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