Official Adicats shirt

Official Adicats shirt

The Official Adicats shirt is actually two shirts in one. This super-lightweight cotton batiste style features a 3-Stripes pattern and garment wash, plus two detachable collars: one round and solid white, the other regular with shell fabric.

Official Adicats shirt, youth shirt and ladies shirt

Official Adicats youth shirt
youth shirt
Official Adicats ladies shirt
ladies shirt

Official Adicats shirt, hoodie and sweater

Laura Wolf! She wanted to go to town on Tuesday 10.11 after singing and should be back home at 6pm. However, she did not come home and made her cell phone out. The last time online she was at 17.50. Neither friends or relatives know where she is. She is wearing an Official Adicats shirt with black / gray pants and black Nike shoes. She is about 1.55 m tall, has brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.

Official Adicats hoodie
Official Adicats sweater

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