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Official Smokey Says Resist Shirt and hoodie

  • Official Smokey Says Resist Shirt and hoodie
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    Hi all fans! This is official Smokey Says Resist Shirt and this shirt design for Workers at EPA, USDA, HHS, and others. And here are step by step to buy this shirt:

    • Step 1: Click on the button buy it now.
    • Step 2: you will be moved to and you can custom your choice here (color, style, size)
    • Step 3: Get it and Enjoy

    Smokey The bear Says Resist Hoodie

    Official Smokey Says Resist hoodie

    Official Smokey Says Resist hoodie

    Smokey the bear resist sweatshirt:

    If you like this Shirt, this is the site to order from. There are sites pirating John’s work and this is the official tee for any one. They are liars. Get your wearable art from the tee shirt. Smokey Says Resist will be printed in full colors. The White is basically sold out, only 1 large left. We are sold out of Small in the Heather as well. We have plenty L/S Shirts though!

    Official Smokey Says Resist Sweater

    Official Smokey Says Resist Sweater

    Official Smokey Says Resist Shirt for ladies

    Official Smokey Says Resist Shirt for ladies

    Official Smokey Says Resist Guys V-Neck Tee

    Official Smokey Says Resist Tank

    Official Smokey Says Resist Long Sleeve Tee

    My Customer Say About Smokey Says Resist Shirt:

    • Got my “Smokey says resist” stickers in the mail today. I have a few extras if anyone is interested- let me know. Thanks for making these and sending them all the way from Colorado Catie and Bryan!
    • “Smokey Says Resist” 🐻Thank you Charlie Green!
    • Smokey Says Resist Heather Grey L/S Shirts are in! Come by the shop today. The shirts will be available online shortly.

    Smokey the bear resist meaning:

    Smokey the bear is not the public, not even Congress. And then there were small signs of resistance, like someone at Badlands National Park tweeting out facts on climate change — which were then deep-sixed a few hours later. But not before they were screenshotted and posted in reply to Tweets all across the National Park Service.


  1. I’d like to get a L/S shirt, but couldn’t find it on Sunfrog, link only S/S in black. All out, or just technical issue? Also, if you DO have L/S shirts (size L or XL), do you have any colors besides black? Thanks for any info!

  2. Michael Thomas Ford on

    A number of my friends are fans of the Alt National Parks Twitter account (now called @NotAltWorld) and the Smokey the Bear Resist art. This may be of interest to some of you.

    • Hi sir! This tee must be your! Click red button to buy it now! See more shirt for resist bear on the right sidebar!

  3. Smokey Bear says, only you can protect our public lands and wildlife.
    (I am having a photo shoot with my Smokey Bear and animals figures) I put this design on T-spring that will print tshirts on demand. if you want a shirt here is the link!

  4. ‎Suzanne Snellen‎ on

    I believe in science and now have our Smokey the Bear Resist sticker on our car. I encourage you to get yours so that we never are silenced. How can I get one of the Smokey the Bear resist bumper stickers.

  5. We think Smokey Bear is the George Clooney of dogs, clearly getting more handsome with age, who can resist that salt n’ pepper face?! He’s got the personality to match, classic and sophisticated, Smokey Bear is always puparazzi ready. Need this shirt now!

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