Ostrich Allegedly flower shirt

He’ll go right back to his campaign rally’s, make the same obviously racist dog whistle, and then act shocked and indignant when someone suggests that the next right-wing act of terrorism is in any way his fault. The Ostrich Allegedly flower shirt is shoving the “racist” narrative in everyone’s face. It’s non stop. It is the root of hate. People see it and know what is doing. People are tuning out this media outlet in ever-increasing numbers. The media has no control over the government this includes the president it not so hard to understand that the left has the media in its back pocket

Ostrich Allegedly flower shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

I am really tired of people using the term mental illness for their gain. It’s not about having a mental illness, it’s about the state of your mind. If people would stop stigmatizing this Ostrich Allegedly flower shirt then maybe people would start opening up about their thoughts and feelings. Instead of going rampage on each other, have a discussion and educate people on things. We are so stuck on demonizing everyone when all we really need to do is talk things out and start educating each other. The only racist agenda I see is coming daily from the media and the liberal socialist left. I turned off CNN,

Fox and all media of falseness. Are the 52 people who were shot in Chicago these past weekend victims of violence from racism too? I guess they don’t care about Ostrich Allegedly flower shirt those victims because it doesn’t fit the narrative. If somebody called me racist I would slap zip ties on them and haul them to the nearest precinct and sue them until they’re homeless.

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