Patrick Hockstetter Cat Shirt

Patrick Hockstetter Cat Shirt

Anyone wanna be an MVP and help me find this shirt to buy?? I just watched ‘It’ (Yes, it was amazing, go watch it now.) and one of the bullies, Patrick Hockstetter Cat Shirt is wearing a yellow vintage-y shirt with a cat on it, possibly Tom from Tom and Jerry.

Patrick Hockstetter Cat shirt, youth tee and v-neck t-shirt

Patrick Hockstetter Cat Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt

This is not a reboot of the 1990 series. Patrick Hockstetter Cat Shirt will be more close to the book than the 1990 miniseries was. Of course, certain scenes from the book have been opted out.  It’s origins will slightly be unclear. For anyone who was disappointed by the revelation that It was a giant spider in the 1990 film, there was more to that. In the book, it explains that It was a primordial being from beyond the beginning of time who existed.

Patrick Hockstetter Cat hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Patrick Hockstetter Cat Hoodie
Patrick Hockstetter Cat Sweater

Til the End of the World Rolls Round. Happy 11th anniversary dear Cat. Thanks for loving me. Done tonight! These are Patrick Hockstetter Cat Shirt did here in Salt Lake! I’m leaving tomorrow! So I want to thank everyone that came with me and supported my work!! Thank you so much everyone and I hope I’ll see you guys next summer!

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