Philly Dilly shirt

Philly Dilly shirt

Philly Dilly shirt! Philadelphia fans, who already spilled plenty of beer after the Eagles’ 41-33 victory against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, will be enjoying free brews when the city has a parade to celebrate the NFL champions.

Philly Dilly shirt, youth tee and V-neck t-shirt

Philly Dilly Youth shirt
Youth shirt
Philly Dilly Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt

Bud Light released details promising free beer for Philadelphia, making good on a bet the company made with Philly Dilly shirt offensive tackle Lane Johnson during training camp last summer. Johnson told reporters last summer that if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, “I’m giving out beer to everybody.

Philly Dilly hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Philly Dilly Hoodie
Philly Dilly Sweater

We thought it would be funny to give a beer that was brewed in an old machine shop in Philly Dilly shirt a real tongue-in-cheek name,” said Ben Potts, head brewer of the year-old brewery on South Bancroft Street just north of West Passyunk Avenue. “The ‘AF’ moniker seems fitting for a gritty city like Philly.

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