Piggly wiggly shirt

Piggly wiggly shirt

Also, my friend, Britt Bee, reached out to your publicist bc she immediately informed me of how alike we are. We now have a running joke about me picking you up the Piggly wiggly shirt, where you flew all the way from Australia for a date with me.

Buy it: https://1stees.com/piggly-wiggly-shirt/

Piggly wiggly shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Piggly wiggly Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Piggly wiggly youth tee
Youth tee

According to her, I’m supposed to greet you with some awkward, elaborate dance routine from a short video on here. I think my admission and description count as the Piggly wiggly shirt. Thank you again for your insight and gift at putting such a unique experience into words. Because of you, my family understands me better.

Piggly wiggly hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Piggly wiggly hoodie
Piggly wiggly sweater

I think the U.S. has gone to hell in a hand basket but you just made comedy great again. To all the straight white men watching this and appreciating it, even after being called out and told to “pull your Piggly wiggly shirt,” I have nothing but respect.

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