Pikachu and Toothless shirt

Pikachu and Toothless shirt

How much time does this girl have a Pikachu and Toothless shirt to cut up to make into a shirt that they probably sell a Walmart or target or you know the mall.i would assume these basic blouses and materials are way cheaper than those other styles of blouses she makes them into. Many of these don’t even seem like they require much time and effort so I’d say she’d be saving a lot of money.

Pikachu and Toothless shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Pikachu and Toothless Ladies
Pikachu and Toothless Hoodie

I love how the Pikachu and Toothless shirt and then the next one is practically making a whole new shirt entirely just go buy yourself a new shirt and save yourself the time and frustration. What talent lies in this girl’s nimble fingers. Wow, she is great with the scissors and needle and thread.

Pikachu and Toothless Sweater
Pikachu and Toothless Tank top
Tank top

Dear girls, don’t fuck up your expensive top. Just go to or sales and buy the new one for $5. Let me know if you need money. I can help you to apply for the loan to buy clothes too much effort for 1 shirt. I’m not guna buy a Pikachu and Toothless shirt and make it look silly. Great way to repurpose old tops. Some of the tutorials were a little fast but there’s got to be a way to slow them down.

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