Pitbull American flag shirt

Pitbull American flag shirt

I would love to give a home to one or two of the children. This breaks my heart. Any living condition it is better than where they came from or they wouldn’t be here they will be released into our country so you and I can pay for them the Pitbull American flag shirt of their lives Think about how you would react if you saw a family with children sleeping on the ground I know facilities are overcrowded and I know the news will sensationalize this situation in every direction, but take it down to the basics and just for a minute about children you know and how you react.

Pitbull American flag shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Pitbull American flag Tank top
Tank top
Pitbull American flag Sweater

If you are put in a position where you stay and possibly starve or be killed, or move to another country. I’m sure they believe they were making the best decision they could. If they are willing to risk their family life to come to those conditions, can you imagine how much worse it is where they are coming from. There is nothing funny about people suffering you are disgusted that Pitbull American flag shirt that to happen.

Pitbull American flag Hoodie

Children are innocent. Where are all of the Pitbull American flag shirt at there are kids that exist and you’re okay with their living conditions? I’m not sure which is more heartbreaking; the fact that there are so many people fleeing in hopes of finding a better life, or the fact that if it was photos of them sleeping on the ground. I hope these people are able to realize their dreams of brighter futures.

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