Pothead coffee lover shirt

Pothead coffee lover shirt

I know I normally talk to the ladies in my post, but I also need to flip the script on the men too. If your woman is taking care of things and treating you good when she is around you, that means you should be treating her good. If all you are doing is giving her penis as if that is all she wants and needs from you you will not have her for too long!! Flowers are always nice, carnations are inexpensive, pretty, and they last long. If she likes sports, a keychain or team socks are nice, Pothead coffee lover shirt, a mug if she drinks coffee or tea. I bong or bowl if she is a pothead. Lingerie if you expect her to dress sexy in the bedroom.

Pothead coffee lover shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Pothead coffee lover hoodie
Pothead coffee lover ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Pothead coffee lover tank top
tank top
Pothead coffee lover v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Cool Pothead coffee lover shirt

Cute slippers or hair accessories if she is that type. These are small things that are not expensive but i guarantee she will appreciate you for thinking about her just like she does for you. Take her out once in a while, U think of a place you would like to spend time with her at and you take her there. Do not say you are taking her out then ask her where she wants to go. And again nothing expensive, take her to an indoor pool than go eat at subway, everything is delicious when you been at the pool for a few hours. If her hair can’t get wet than take her to play miniature golf, a carnival, the circus, a monster truck show and even a car show, that might make her want to try other “man” stuff with you. And if she is an animal Pothead coffee lover shirt, take her ass to a pet store and buy her a hermit crab or something cute and cheap. Its not hard pleasing a woman that thinks the world of you. You are throwing her out to the wolves if you don’t appreciate and care for what you have. Thats all for now.

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