Princess bubblegum rock shirt

Princess bubblegum rock shirt

In “What Was Missing,” it is evident that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum care for each other to an extent, despite ending their relationship on seemingly bad terms. Marceline sings I’m Just Your Problem out of Princess bubblegum rock shirt, confessing that she does not feel like she is enough for Princess Bubblegum, but wants to make up with her regardless. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Princess Bubblegum’s most prized possession is Marceline’s old Princess bubblegum rock shirt.

Princess bubblegum rock shirt, hoodie, tank top and v-neck t-shirt

Princess bubblegum rock tank top
tank top
Princess bubblegum rock Ladies v-neck t-shirt
Ladies v-neck t-shirt
Princess bubblegum rock Ladies shirt
Ladies shirt
Princess bubblegum rock Hoodie

If I’m totally honest and realistic, I’m not going to be able to finish Princess Bubblegum to a standard I am happy with by MCM, I could rush it but it won’t be as good as I hoped. With all my uni work I’ve had these past couple weeks, I just haven’t had the Princess bubblegum rock shirt to dedicate to this Cosplay as I’d hoped! And I think I might die in the heat in it too, so I’m looking for something else to take with me, I have a few things I could finish, or fix before con that I could take instead;

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