Puma Pumba shirt

Puma Pumba shirt

That moment you proudly wear your friends shirt only to realize at the end of the day it actually says Puma Pumba shirt and not PUMA Hakuna Matata – it means no worries. Our Disney inspored, parody “Pumba” t-shirt is hilarious and makes a great gift! Our design with the Puma font and complete with Pumba the warthog’s picture – our t-shirt is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyones face!  you wanted a free shirt, try for this one. like and share this post and like the page If I could start my own business, I would like to start by makin sweat pants and shirts, tennis shoes, etc and all the sport wear.. (like puma) but for fat people and name my brand “pumba”. I know, u’re welcome! Parodie van een met auteursrecht beschermde werk is toegestaan. Denk maar aan de Puma Pumba shirt (ipv Puma) of Hell (ipv) Shell t-shirts. Hier zijn wel voorwaarden aan verbonden. Het Europese Hof heeft recent (3 september 2014) bepaald dat het begrip parodie een autonome betekenis heeft en uniform toegepast dient te worden binnen de EU. Parodie op een werk is derhalve toegestaan indien het.

Puma Pumba shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Puma Pumba hoodie
Puma Pumba tank top
tank top
Puma Pumba v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Cool Puma Pumba shirt,

I hv joined PUMA and one of Friend who came from Bangkok last week was not aware of that. He brought one shirt for me as a gift but there is something which is written on the T-Shirt Woh hai Puma Pumba shirt It’s a Joke on PUMA. What a concidence Luckily, he went ahead and thought we had finished everything … but NO, as we have published before, Pumba had to be operated again urgently 5 days later again because his intestines had developed and put one inside another  This girls be using iphone 7 plus but be wearing pumba and pamu in town instead of puma This girls be using iphone 7 plus but be wearing pumba and pamu in town instead of puma.

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