Queen Melanin Poppin’ shirt

Queen Melanin Poppin' ladies shirt

All I’m going to say is high school tbt moment Queen Melanin Poppin’ shirt Hood Nigga!!! that was our fav song I so miss the old days!!! All the hoes jockin, beat steady knockin Middle of the stage got the whole club rockin Nigga you can hate but ya bitch steady watchin Bet she can do it on the dick she poppin.

Queen Melanin Poppin’ shirt , longsleeve shirt and tank top

Queen Melanin Poppin' longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt
tank top

Queen Melanin Poppin’ shirt, hoodie and sweater

When you’re confident within yourself, You’re Unbothered So Unbothered can’t no other female make you feel insecure about YOU bitch Cause you just know you Poppin Summer 17′ has been the season of melanin poppin’ and Queen Melanin Poppin’ shirt vibes, we know you’ve seen it all over your timeline.

Queen Melanin Poppin' sweater
Queen Melanin Poppin' hoodie

My sister is more than just a sister she is a friend  a shoulder to cry on  a BANK an advisor a loving daughter and a very strong individual I swear I love u sissy we talk everyday all day and I wouldn’t trade that for nothing HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADII MISSY let the turn up begin WATCH HER WORK she fucks it up everytime y’all sleep on this one she stay with some nice kicks and a fresh fit OH and I keep her makeup poppin.

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