Raised on lefse shirt

Raised on lefse shirt

For one final hurrah before leaving North Dakota, I attended Norsk Hostfest in Minot last week. It was my first time attending the Scandinavian heritage festival. Despite the many shows, vendors and foods available, I found myself people watching mostly. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to have been raised in such an innocent time, in such a beautiful town. Add to that, a cop that actually cared about all of us unconditionally (Jersey). The bonus was actually being Norwegian, and constantly feasting on Grandma’s fattigman, krunkaka and Raised on lefse shirt . Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Raised on lefse shirt, tank top and youth shirt

Raised on lefse tank top
tank top
Raised on lefse youth shirt
youth shirt

Raised on lefse shirt, hoodie and sweater

Thanks Mom for not making us eat lutefisk. Fried spam was OK and Raised on lefse shirt is delicious!  Awful warm today over the lefse grill at Minnesota Valley Church. Wait for the weather to cool down more. Buck Hill looks good with all the man – made snow but things won’t be fun until the cross country ski trails are open. Serving lefse after church tomorrow so we are doubling the amount of church bulletins we are running off in case word gets out in the neighborhood.

Raised on lefse sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Raised on lefse hoodie

Yup, they really do eat fished soaked in lye. The smell never leaves your sinus cavity it becomes an ingrained smell. You can smell lutefisk at 1000 yards. Ugh but the Raised on lefse shirt is a different matter all together. Ya sure you betcha! Since most of my relatives live in Minnesota I can laugh at some of these and shake my head at the rest. They left out the best part – LEFSE! Which brings me to a favorite Ole and Lena joke. Sven was visiting Ole and Lena and asked if they had ever had pizza. Lena said ya sure you betcha. The first time I made it Ole didn’t want to eat it – he said uff da, who tru up on the lefse.

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