Ride on Kirby shirt

Ride on Kirby shirt

Two things on everyone riding, We are doing a Cowboys for Cops ride, so please if everyone could wear COWBOT HATS and Blue shirts if you aren’t planning on getting Ride on Kirby shirt from us. Lets create a Sea of Cowboy Hats and Blue. Second is No Alcohol please, you will be asked to put it away if seen. We will be leaving at 4pm sharp. Please have your horse ready to ride, not almost ready to ride. We want to keep all the horses together. We will have a Water stop on the way plus a Water Trailer with us for Water for Horses. Ok, so just when you think your day can’t get any worse… it can! I was at Sheetz gettin gas under the bright ass spotlights. I look down at my shirt and I’m like “What the hell is that?” Upon further inspection, it was my NIPPLE!!! Apparently I had a hole in my tube top, and when my Ride on Kirby shirt rode up a bit, out it came. GRR!!!! Makes me mad because it made me laugh. Leave it to me.

Ride on Kirby shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Ride on Kirby hoodie
Ride on Kirby sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Ride on Kirby v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Cool Ride on Kirby shirt

I know it’s hot but bloody hell when you see people riding a motorbike with just a Ride on Kirby shirt, shorts, trainers and a helmet! Safety first and all that As discussed with Chief Pisstaker, we have come up with logos for our t-shirts which we think we should get, please let us know what u think Heyy so I was designing the shirt and I know alot of people wanted to do something with the Hangover since the movie was shot in Las Vegas and homecoming is Las Vegas themed. Here are some quotes from the movie. If you could please just let me know by tomorrow if possible which one you guys want.

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