SDNY Southern district of New York shirt

  • SDNY Southern district of New York shirt
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  1. Jeff Sessions is a low key honorable man. If anyone is paying attention, he is moving the Presidents agenda forward. Not with bombast and fanfare, but with nose to the grindstone and the end in mind.

  2. Roshalle Martin on

    Bigot please. He’s a racist just like you are. You can’t wipe his hands clean from the blood of the past that is on them. At least be honest and stop making up fairytales about how you would like the world to view him.

  3. Harvant Lisa Harper on

    Investigation of collusion with Russia and Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, also money laundering. Special prosecutor needed, Mr Sessions. Stand up and do your job.

  4. Cynthia Denise Spencer on

    National security?!?! We are being destroyed by the deep state agencies and by the democrats and some of the republicans in our own government!! Do your job and uphold the law!!

  5. I know you want to make this all about you… but just read Tina’s comments.
    I know you are more consumed by how many scoops of ice cream he gets… but honestly, does the FACT that our economy is already doing better (even stock market at all time highs) than under the last two presidents even matter to you?

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