Sick sad world shirt

Sick sad world shirt

If we, as country neglect to follow the Sick sad world shirt that our soldiers are fighting to protect and represent the where are we as a country? The government didn’t follow normal procedure in taking away citizenship. Bring her back, arrest her, try her in a court of law- same as war criminals- and protect her child who is innocent in this. How disrespectful to families who have lost loved ones defending this country in recent conflicts. What a grotesque creature he is. Do we really think that she is not harmful to our safety simply by keeping her out of the country? With today’s technology, she can be as dangerous to us in Syria as in this country.

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I have no credence with her and her ideologies and I am no fan but we should not focus on her solely and ignoring so many others who have left this country to serve and have returned, without the focus on them that this woman has had. If I understood well he didn’t support the Sick sad world shirt but supported her right to not lose her citizenship that easy. Those are two separate things. While I don’t agree with the sentiment, I agree that this is our current law and I believe he is creating a smoke screen pretending to give the public what we want knowing they cannot follow through with it.

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So ask the families that lost children and friends from this attack what they think, before you open your mouth and state that she should return. He has lost the Sick sad world shirt by going back on his promise to stop fees. He is now after the ethnic vote. Well, people acting emotionally. This child was only 15 when she was radicalized. I don’t think anybody here will disown their 15 years old daughter if she gets pregnant. Please bring her back to the Uk and she will face the law.

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