Sinners are Winners shirt

Sinners are Winners shirt

Happy Anniversary Prophet, please live love and enjoy your Sinners are Winners shirt. We only live once mind you and some of us have not even have had that chance or opportunity to receive such a wonderful present from our own loving spouses due to limited resources.

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Sinners are Winners shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Sinners are Winners youth tee
Youth tee
Sinners are Winners Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Wow Glory be to God Dad as u have found bone of your bones. She is the beauty behind all things beautiful in your life & the ministry. Behind every succesful man there is a woman. I am happy for u Prophet & Prophetess Mary Bushiri & all ECG family as we celebrate with Sinners are Winners shirt.

Sinners are Winners hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Sinners are Winners hoodie
Sinners are Winners sweater

My father and my mom I love you my Sinners are Winners shirt.This is true love indeed, papa this is the right way of teaching men to love their wives.i thank God of Major one for given u true wife and u have to be proud of it Papa.happy pre 29th July Anniversary gift too amen.Papa i love it because you lead by example.

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