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    Sue him for libel or anything you can. False accusations like this Skeleton I’m okay shirt, and undermine a movement that is fighting for change. Let this go and move forward may be a mistake. One of my ex-wife’s friends made false accusations and it ruined our marriage and has been a thorn in my side for 26 years.

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    Angela Glassbrenner I really like this idea, it gets both justice and a good cause is rewarded. Of course, we could enact laws that would charge the Skeleton I’m okay shirt if it is found out they lied, and perhaps offer jail time as well. Why would he do that, I think it would actually damage his reputation far more.

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    Being the sweet, honorable man we know him to be is why we knew that these charges were groundless. It is true that false accusations hurt the credibility of real victims. However, suing for libel might scare real victims into silence because it is a Skeleton I’m okay shirt.

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